Whipped Topping Mix

This is a professional mix used to make a whipped topping that will hold its shape and can be flavored. When combined with any of our mousse mixes, prepared lemon filling or prepared cheesecake mix this whipped topping becomes a wonderful "mousse".

This container has 10 oz. of our Whipped Topping Mix and produces approximately 3 quarts of quality whipped topping when mixed with water or milk.  The 20 oz. package will produce approximately 6 quarts of prepared topping.  The 5 lb. package will produce 25 quarts of prepared topping and the 10 lb. package will produce approximately 12 gallons of whipped topping.

When using as a base for our Mousse (Fond) Mixes, purchase 10 oz. of Whip Topping Mix for each regular size container of our Mousse (Fond) Mix.

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