Tips & Tricks of Chocolate Shipping


Perishable chocolate items will ONLY be shipped when temperatures allow!  This is GENERALLY early October through May.  High temperatures and low stock will dictate cut off time in May.  We want you to help you have the best dessert experience possible! This is a list of tips and tricks to help you secure the products you want and have them when you want them!
1. Plan Ahead - If stored properly in a cool and dry environment our chocolate items can last 6 months to a year. Therefore, if you have a special functions planned for late spring to early autumn, order your chocolate items in the winter or early spring.

On a more immediate timetable, order your chocolate items at least 1 to 2 weeks before you wish to have delivery. For faster delivery, contact Customer Service for Express Shipping options. 

2. Plan for Delivery - Make sure that someone will be at the shipping address on the day you expect delivery so your package won't sit out in the heat or sun. Or, consider having your order shipped to your work address (if you are able to receive packages there). Another option is to ship your package(s) to your Post Office Box.

3. Anytime the high temperatures reach 65°F or above at any point en route from Indiana to your destination (even during the winter months), you MUST order the Insulated Shipping Package for your chocolate items.  The Insulated Shipping Packages are limited to what they can hold. Each Insulated Shipping Package can hold about 4 individual chocolate items OR 1 case of chocolate cups.  The added weight and size of the Insulated Packing materials (for chocolate items) will also slightly increase the shipping costs. This extra weight is added into the Insulated Shipping Package(s) to calculate the correct shipping cost.

  • Please order the appropriate number of Insulated Shipping Packages to hold all of your chocolate products ordered.
  • When the high temperatures reach 80°F or above, at any point en route, contact Customer Service for options.
  • Reminder: It is also necessary to consider the effects of the temperatures and sun on the delivery vehicles. It is not uncommon for the inside temperatures of trucks/vans to rise well above 100°F!
  • High temperatures or special circumstances often dictate that orders containing Chocolate Products need to be shipped via Express Mail. Contact Customer Service by phone for this option.
  • At the other extreme, if temperatures are cooler than forecasted, we will make every effort to ship your Chocolate Items without incurring the extra cost. If you have ordered online and have purchased an Insulated Shipping Package that is not required, we will refund the savings back to you via Paypal.

4. Minimize Shipping Costs by combining orders with family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. This is always true, but it is an especially helpful tip when it comes to defraying the extra costs associated with shipping chocolate during the warm weather. Reminder: Each Insulated Shipping Package can hold up to 4 individual chocolate items.

5. Check Your Order Immediately Upon Arrival! Be especially careful when checking or handling the chocolate items. It may be helpful to place the chocolate items in a very cool environment for a period of time, before handling, to assure that they are not too soft.

6. You Can Reuse The Gel Packs that are shipped with your chocolate. Simply re-freeze each gel pack for at least 24 hours before using. Then just slip them into your lunch box or picnic basket to keep foods cool. Use them over & over again!

7. Consider Alternatives during the summer months. Perhaps you could utilize our various Pastry & Tart Shells. Pay special attention to our Chocolate Pastry Tart Shells.  Decorate with our Sugar Flowers, Praligrains or Candied Lemon Strips which are easy to ship and use all year around.

8.  Finally, please note that even though we take every precaution, Gourmet Finales Dessert Emporium CANNOT assume any liability in regard to damaged or melted chocolate shipped under adverse conditions.  It is ultimately the customer's decision whether or not to purchase our chocolate products during warm weather conditions.