Chocolate Mousse Mix

True decadence at its best!  Our mousse mix is rich, creamy and smooth - similar to a high quality buttercream.  Use it to fill any of our Chocolate Cups, Cream Horns, Cream Puffs, Eclairs and/or you can use it alone for a parfait! 

Each 16 oz. container of our Chocolate Mousse Mix holds approximately two and a half cups of the product which will produce 2-3 quarts of prepared Chocolate Mousse. Five pounds of Chocolate Mousse Mix will make approximately 11 quarts of prepared Chocolate Mousse (or about 15 quarts of Chocolate Whipped Topping.) Ten pounds will yield approximately 22 quarts of prepared mousse or 30 quarts of Chocolate Whipped Topping.

Simply add the mix into a bowl with cold Heavy Whipping Cream and mix for 2 - 3 minutes, chill and enjoy.

For increased volume and a fluffy chocolate topping,
fold in a little extra whipped cream.

Use alone or add confectioner sugar (powdered sugar)to final whipping stage to create a truly marvelous Chocolate Frosting for cupcakes & cakes.

The prepared chocolate mousse or topping may be refrigerated or frozen.

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