Dark Chocolate Square Cups, Medium - 1½"

This small/medium square cup measures 1½" across and is 1" deep, making it quite a bit larger than the Mini 1¼" version.

This is a great in between size. It is slightly large for bite size desserts but not quite large enough for a full individual serving, making it is perfect for buffets, party favors and "plated desserts" - where several smaller treats are served together. Perhaps this Small Square Cup can hold a creamy mousse, gelato, or creme brulee while accompanied by fresh fruit and small cake or cookie. Very elegant and easy!

Each cup holds 2 Tbs. level or 2½ - 3 Tablespoons of a mousse or filling that is piped above the rim.

(Plan to use approximately 1½ quarts of mousse to fill 30 cups).

Please note our Tips & Tricks of Chocolate Shipping when purchasing this product.

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