French Tartlet Shells - 1¾"

Our bite-size, ready-to-use butter French Tartlet Shells are the perfect party size for appetizers, snacks, hor d' oeuvres or desserts! Their diversity makes them an excellent pantry staple.  Fill them with pastry cream & fruit, lemon filling, cheesecake, rich puddings or canned pie filling.  

Fill and use them immediately if you want a crunchy shell or fill ahead of time to achieve a more moist, softer shell.  The shells may also be placed in a warm oven for a short time to warm and/or finish baking the selected filling.  For fillings requiring a longer baking time, precook the filling and freeze the shell for 20 minutes prior to baking so they will not over bake!  Plan on 1 Tbs. of filling per tart shell.

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