Tiramisu Mousse (Fond) Mix

Do you love a decadent mousse dessert, but hate the time it takes to make one?  Our mousse mixes are for you!

"Fonds" are a mixture of sweetened flavors and special gelatin based stabilizing agents designed to be used with cold preparations - no need to dissolve in boiling water. Combined with our prepared Whip Topping or with whipped heavy cream, you can create beautiful and delicious mousse desserts in a matter of a few minutes, not hours!

This Tiramisu Mousse Mix features the light, delicate flavor of the traditional Italian dessert.  It pairs well with chocolate or caramel and makes a delightful cannoli filling. 

Each 9 oz. package of our Tiramisu Mousse Mix (approximately 2 cups by measure) will yield about 2 - 3 quarts of prepared mousse.  The 5 lb. package of Tiramisu Mousse Mix will yield approximately 16 to 24 quarts of prepared mousse. 

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